Gwyneth Paltrow will perform with Cee-Lo and the Jim Henson Company Puppets at the Grammys this weekend in LA. No doubt she’s been rehearsing in seclusion. Before her big Grammy debut though she hooked up with her BFFs and Grammy veterans Beyonce and Jay-Z, perhaps for a little pep talk.

The three were at Lure Fishbar in New York the other night. Would have been a money shot but the paps were thwarted when restaurant staff closed the curtains and somehow they were able to leave without being photographed. See? It’s possible. (Source)

Needless to say, B has obviously replaced Madonna as her diva best friend. B even goes on the school run when she’s visiting. And B is the one who gets namechecked now in every interview. Will Beyonce be beaming encouragement from the audience while GOOP channels her on stage? Very possible. Jay’s Empire State of Mind is an early favourite to win Record of the Year and he’s expected to be there.

Attached – Gwyneth, Beysus, and Jay in 2006 after his show in London.

Photos from Dave M. Benett/