Gwyneth Paltrow was in New York for the #BlogHer conference on Friday. At some point she returned to LA because E! News reports she had dinner with her own squad – Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Nicole Richie – on Sunday night. They’ve been doing it for years. They just don’t put it on Instagram. Oh. Wait. No. Sometimes, oftentimes, they do put it on Instagram. Why couldn’t Instagram have been around before they all had kids? Back when G was best friends with Winona Ryder. Back when she and Winona used to double with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Back when they were a lot more impulsive than they are now. F-ck. I feel ripped off. We were deprived.

On Monday G flew back to New York. You diggin’ the length and the fit of these shorts? I can’t decide. But I think it might be the booties throwing me off.

Yesterday in my post about Gwyneth’s remarks at the #BlogHer conference – click here for a refresher – I mentioned that her version of Her Blog Story is not unlike other female bloggers. She started as a newsletter, as many female bloggers did, including me. She wants to provide options for her site visitors, as many female bloggers do, including me. She recommends Ffiona’s in London…wait…

When did this happen?

Mary just emailed me today with this link from GOOP. My favourite restaurant in London, that I first started writing about in 2011 (click here for a refresher) and where many of you have eaten during your travels to England, has made GOOP’s list. Congratulations Ffiona! So now if G’s telling you to go there, are you going to go there? If you do, steak and kidney pie or her pate and leave room for sticky toffee pudding and ask her to pour you some Armagnac before you leave. Click here to see the menu.

PS. While G was flying into New York, Chris Martin was flying out. It’s the GOOP co-parenting schedule.