While Kate Moss prepares for her wedding this weekend, Gwyneth Paltrow is having dinner with Kate’s former business partner Sir Philip Green, better known as the guy who owns Topshop. As you know, Kate’s final collection for Topshop was released late last year. As you also know, GOOP is putting her name on everything these days. G was seen last night leaving a restaurant all smiles after spending time with Green and now everyone, naturally, is speculating that she’s about to fill Kate Moss’s void.

I won’t lie.

I would definitely be interested in Gwyneth Paltrow for Topshop. G has already had some experience with a capsule collection for ZOEtees a couple of years ago. Click here for a refresher. A collaboration with Topshop would likely be more extensive.

Kate Moss’s line was inspired by some of her own favourite outfits, seen on carpets and in pap shots throughout her career. I wonder...would G do the same? Like an updated version of her bubblegum pink Oscar dress? A knock-off of the famous Oscar goth McQueen? Some crazy ass high heels of her own? A Rick Owens copy leather jacket? Remember when Brad Pitt won the Golden Globe and called her the “love of all my life, my angel Gwyneth Paltrow”?

Here, Gossip Nostalgia – look at her condescending f-cking reaction...THIS is why I loved her:

So how about some version of that white and black gown? Click here to see the full body. It would be Great for Gossip. Because she’d have to relive it. Acknowledge it. Reference back to that time.

I don’t think she goes there. Unless of course Chris Martin needs reminding.

Anyway, I felt like shoving some vintage Gwyneth down your throats for some more Gossip Nostalgia so if you have 10 minutes and can stand it, check out her interview with Katie Couric from back in the day. Amazingly nauseating. But did I ever LOVE her face back then.

Photos from Wenn.com