There was a party in New York last night to celebrate the launch of Valentino: the Last Emperor on DVD. Gwyneth Paltrow is a major Valentino supporter. She was in New York for sure at the weekend trick or treating with her kids in the Hamptons. But amid the cheating allegations – Chris Martin and that slag Kate Bosworth – Gwyneth is hiding out, laying low.

Martin and Bosworth, through their reps, insist that there is nothing more that friendship between them. Us Weekly reports that Chris’s publicist is denying he kissed Kate and claims the entire Star Magazine report is full of sh-t. Because a publicist would NEVER lie to protect a client.

So while my Gwyneth is eating the humiliation and trying to grit through this with an uppercrust smile, safely ensconced in her big house with the apple orchard, Madonna hit up the Valentino party with her Jesus…and is that Steven Klein? Looks like it. Just one of the reasons I’m not buying this romance.

That photo of her sticking her neck out, bracing the cold… it scares me, her face now. It’s, like, deformed, her face now. Almost elephantine.

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