Gwyneth Paltrow hosted a party for Windsor Smith yesterday in LA. It looks like there were a lot of upper classy people there. Click here to see more guest photos. Almost no front page names other than G but you can tell this is a scene where a certain social hierarchy is observed. They all have the expressions of people who know that they know more than you do. About…?

Well, for starters, Windsor Smith. Never heard of it before now. I had to google and have since learned that it’s a person, a home design and culture superstar. This is her website. And this, I think, is her:

There are only so few people who can pose for a photo with a horse INSIDE THE HOUSE. I sure as f-ck wouldn’t know how to do that. So of course she and G are tight. People who can pose inside houses with their horses are always tight with G. Speaking of tight…

G’s body. Very tight in this white dress. And The Hollywood Reporter is highlighting it in a new article about “Skins” and “Prims”. Women in Hollywood are being grouped into two categories:

The Skins are Gwyneth, JLO, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz

The Prims are: Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, Shailene Woodley

Basically the Skins can’t get movie jobs so they show off their bodies to further careers outside acting. And the Prims don’t wear tight clothes because they’re the ones being cast in the prestige projects and don’t want to risk not being taken seriously.

So, if you base your assessment of Gwyneth Paltrow on the position of his piece, she used to be Prim but is now a Skin. Yeah but she also used to be 25 and isn’t anymore. This is one point the writer didn’t consider. Women don’t exist in Hollywood after a certain age – and casting has a lot more to do with that than whether or not the women wear turtlenecks, although what they wear can certainly help promote a film AFTER they’ve been selected for it. Which, yes, actresses do use to their advantage – which is what Zoe Saldana confirmed a couple of years ago when she was talking about what a difference her stylist makes in her career in that the studios will consider her red carpet presence during the marketing of a movie. And that’s also why the protest hashtag #AskHerMore was so naïve. So many of them WANT to be asked about what they’re wearing.

But still…

How come there are no articles like this comparing Channing Tatum’s “Skin” to Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Prim”? Oh, right. Because Matthew McConaughey can totally balance his “Skin” in Magic Mike and still win an Oscar the following year by playing “Prim” during campaign season.

Click here to read the piece. I might have some more thoughts on this tomorrow because it’s leaving a bad taste behind that I still need to process.