A couple of weeks ago, I credited Gwyneth Paltrow in this post for making Johnny Depp more tolerable than he’s been in a while. I’ll do it again here re: their appearance together on Ellen today.

The I Have/I Have Never game is great. Their reactions, sitting next to each other, are great. I especially like his shrug when Ellen asks about the Mile High Club. As for G’s answer about sexting…

Does that remind you of one of my blinds?

Before the game though, G and Johnny are interviewed on their own. About working together, about their kids…

I love how G basically calls him out for being late all the time, but in a way that sort of, kind of compliments him. This is a true bitch’s gift. And Johnny has some bitch in him too.

You can’t tell me that you don’t find G likeable here. Come on, moms. When she’s talking about how her kids are old enough now to find her terribly uncool?

Click here and here to watch the clips. And here’s a teaser:



Things got pretty revealing on my show today.

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