Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed in head to toe Burberry yesterday in New York with her brother Jake and his girlfriend. I tried on these boots in London. They’re gorgeous. But if you’re my height, they’re too much. They take over a short girl’s body. On the wrong Asian it’s a fine line between stylish and low classy. Pointless to spend that much money on a pair of shoes only to have people assume they’re of the China Market variety, you know?

Anyway, many of you asked for my thoughts on Gwyneth’s appearance on Chelsea Handler last week. I liked the part when she talked about her kid affecting an accent whenever it suited her purposes. Even more interesting though, as pointed out by a reader called Bola, Gwyneth and Chelsea now share the same publicist Steven Huvane who, yes, also reps Jennifer Aniston. So there’s that. This is why Chelsea doesn’t mock Aniston anymore. Have you noticed? She does however rag on Angelina a LOT more these days.

Thanks to Casey who made me this gif!

GP Fangirl

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