Total Photo Assumption here but still... I love her, and I study her face, and it seems like, well, I feel like this is my G’s white knuckle face. Can you see it?

Gwyneth Paltrow was in Chicago on Saturday to be honoured at the Gene Siskel Film Centre. Tickets were $400 and it was sold out. For some reason the Chicago Sun-Times is holding their recap of the event until Thursday. Now I’m extra annoyed that we couldn’t get a ticket for Sarah to go.

G is wearing Alexander McQueen. I don’t love it. Partly for the shoe hate and mostly because of the tit darts. Why are tit darts such a problem?

Anyway, back to G’s expression. The word is... pinched, isn’t it? And not in the right way. Not in the haughty superior way I’ve come to love. When G is properly haughty and superior, she’s also very relaxed. She doesn’t seem relaxed to me here. She seems tight. Again, it’s all Photo Assumption and that very well may be influenced by the reports last week of her situation with Vanity Fair -- click here for a refresher -- and if that’s the case, well then sh-t, how bad is it?!? Maybe it’s not actually that bad. Do you think Vanity Fair will actually go full tear-down on Gwyneth Paltrow? Let me know! If I only I knew how to poll this...