Gwyneth Paltrow is at the Waldorf Astoria right now in Chicago signing books. Take an early lunch and go and report back. (Sarah is ignoring me.) This photo of her was posted on the GOOP Instagram.



If you’re there you can tell me what she’s wearing underneath this coat because it’s not a guarantee that a photo agency will show up and take pictures. By the way, she’s autographing her two cookbooks, which is how I’m seguing to her friend Mario Batali.

I missed this last Friday when I was in London – Batali spoke to the NY Daily News about whether or not he thinks his friend will get married again. He says no, even though in his mind it’s not like no one would want to marry her:

“She’s smart, she’s cute, she’s a really great cook, she’s fun. She’s tried marriage once and I think that’s it. She got everything she likes, and she and Chris still probably have a great relationship. I don’t know anything about the new guy.”

Well he pretty much just outed himself as not in her inner circle if he doesn’t know anything about “the new guy”, right? Also, in confirming that there IS a new guy, even though it’s obvious, he probably got himself banned. No one speaks about any guy, and definitely not the new guy, until it’s cleared by G herself.