I have no plans to be in New York this month. Which is great because I want to be at home. But it never sucks to go to New York. And if I found myself in New York I’d totally hit up the Goop MRKT. The opening was last night. And, as you can see, Gwyneth Paltrow was there in Valentino. She’s been wearing several pieces, themed starry Wonder Woman, exclusive to Goop.

I’m obsessed with this collection. I want everything. I want the denim kicks. I want the denim overall shorts. I want the band jacket – seriously, the band jacket is rad, check it:



She looks amazing in that video, doesn’t she? Admit it. She looks amazing. She looks young. Happy. Pleased with herself. At the event though, maybe too much makeup? Anyway, if you end up going to the pop-up, let me know your thoughts.

In other Gwyneth news, have you heard Coldplay’s Everglow yet? It features her voice, but you can barely hear it. Which might not be a bad thing because the song? It’s terrible. And he sounds terrible.