Gwyneth Paltrow pictured here leaving the Coldplay afterparty in the West Village. But of course she and Chris departed separately – don’t you know? Anything to avoid being photographed together, right?

Sigh. Sometimes my best friend needs to sit DOWN too.

But this is not what you’re fixated on, is it? No. I know what you are fixated on. And you know that I hate that fixation. Because I am not obsessed with babies. And BumpWatch is the f&cking worst for reliability.

Remember, most of you were convinced Kate Hudson was pregnant 3 month ago. BumpWatch is so dumb.

Having said that, since she’s my best friend, here’s the tip: with Gwyneth the signs aren’t so much in the body but in the face. She walks around looking sick all the time. And she certainly walked around looking sick last night.

My sources say she wasn’t drinking either. And G loves a glass of wine.

Will keep you posted.

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