This week’s brilliant GOOP apparently features my Gwyneth’s favourite NYC restaurants. Like that hasn’t already been exhausted to death.

It’s next week however that’s the juicy one. I’m waiting with breathless anticipation. If you are a GOOPy member, you must send it to me right away. I have not signed up so pass it along…

GOOP and her friends – their book recommendations.

Don’t lie. You know you want to know.

She gave a list to Oprah once, I think. Am too lazy to look it up but I do remember agreeing with her on one selection: The Sheltering Sky. Not that that’s profound in any way. Paul Bowles’s masterpiece obviously is a must-read and, with that block of judgmental ice permanently lodged in her ass, I always thought she’d be a perfect Kit. The way Kit completely unravels towards the end, the nomadic sex slave, tragically free from herself only to be captured again… Gwyneth could live vicariously through her character.

Anyway, here she is in New York leaving Madonna’s apartment. They were also on a double date earlier this week with Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld. Divorce talk has died down a bit after Chris gave a series of interviews denying they were splitting. No one seems convinced. You will note she’s not wearing her ring.

Coldplay has been confirmed to perform at the Grammys, hopefully a better showing because last time? Last time was the ass.

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