My Gwyneth is currently in NYC filming Two Lovers with Joaquin Phoenix. Wonder how she’s handling his unpredictable mood swings though she should be used to it living with Chris Martin who was apparently horrible while he was writing his last album. Understandable since after the glow, the last album sucked. No wonder they called it elevator music – a critique to which Gwyneth took great offence. Hopefully the rumours are untrue and Chris is returning the loyalty.

Given then that she’s accustomed to being around “artists” my Gwynnie and Joaquin are probably getting along famously. They’ve also been friends for years,

Check her out yesterday showing off a pair of killer long lean legs coming from set still in costume, which of course would hopefully be the only reason she’s wearing sheer hose. And there’s Apple being shielded by mum in purple pants and her favourite kid Uggs.

Many of you ask why celebrities don’t use strollers, why they insist on carrying their children. First, because they never have to walk far. And second because pushing a stroller through a pap throng is actually probably more dangerous, don’t you think?

Photos from Splash