Gwyneth Paltrow spent the weekend in Europe. She was photographed promoting Audi in Austria. Most likely a paid opportunity? But it’s also Paris Fashion Week. And today was the Chanel Haute Couture presentation. So, why not? Especially when there’s always a seat for her in the front row and Karl Lagerfeld could have someone send over an outfit (that doesn’t seem to fit quite right around the waist)?

This, by the way, is Karl’s version of “eco-couture”, another reason why G, who’s all natural and organic now, would have approved. The setting was all gardens and ponds. And apparently some of the accessories were made of wood shavings and straw. Explained Karl:

"Ecology is something that's never been used in high luxury before. ... But I found these materials quite pretty if used in the right way.”

He, obviously, is the first person to figure out how to do that. Because eco-people, Karl hilariously bitched, generally “don’t take care of their appearance”.

These two are perfect together, non?

By the way, in case you missed it in Maria’s Smutty Social Media yesterday, G’s on her trip with Brad Falchuk.

Pretty obvious that’s him. And she’d know that we’d know it’s him. And it’s just another example of how much more comfortable she is actually being seen with him in this relationship than she was in her marriage.