My Gwyneth in Paris today starting promotion for Iron Man clad head to toe in designer apparel that was probably packaged and delivered wrapped in a bow right to her doorstep. No charge. Remember, my girl is on a list of very, very few privy to Nicolas Ghesquière’s newest creations at Balenciaga. Nicolas of course is considered, right now, the most powerful man in fashion. And he loves my girl Gwyneth.

Haven’t had a chance yet to ascertain the origin of her outfit today but whatever it is, it’s f&cking amazing. Feast your eyes on that coat. That coat is a dream. And the bag. And the shoes. And the detail. And the way she wears it. Some girls like Lilo wear luxury and make it look low classy. My Gwyneth was made for expensive things.

And she won’t stop reminding you of it either.

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