As you may have heard my Gwynnie is joining chef Mario Batali on an eating expedition through Spain. Gwyneth spent a summer in Spain when she was a teen, she loves the country, and apparently jumped at the chance to join Mario in the quest to find the perfect meal. Their travels will be documented in a 13 episode reality show to air on PBS (of course PBS!) called Spain…On the Road Again.

I’m told that while enough footage will be shot for 4 months of tv coverage, Gwyneth will NOT be on the road straight for four months. Her total participation, broken up here and there, will likely end after 3 weeks or so and remember, you can get more than enough footage for an hour of television from one or two days of shooting.

G says she’ll be washing down a lot of cheese and eel with her pinot noir and of course had to elicit a collective eye roll with a snotty comment about having abstained from animals on four legs since the age of 15.

Here she is in Madrid on Tuesday night at the start of their journey. Knowing Gwyneth she’ll probably LOSE weight on her culinary travels. And brag about it on Oprah afterwards.

I do love my girl.