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Hi Duana

I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine who is expecting a baby girl in early March.  She would love your name suggestions but delegated the e-mail writing to me :)

She and her husband are Italian-Canadian and already have a little guy named Nathaniel (Nate).  Their surname has 3 syllables and rhymes with Battali - with same "li" ending sound.

She does love the name Nora, but it's her best friend's daughter's name and they are very close - she doesn't want to name her daughter the same.  But that's the "feel" of the name that she likes.

She and her husband are looking for something that fits with their Italian family heritage and English, passes the Supreme Court Justice test, and can be shortened into a cute nickname that goes with big brother, Nate.  They seem to like feminine names that are not too "frilly" and not too trendy.

They would be grateful for help to find both a first and middle name....current options under discussion are Madeline (Maddie) and Abigail (Abby) but they don't feel quite right.

Thanks so much for your help!!



Call her up. Tell her you’re going shopping for the wine she’s going to have right after she gives birth. Describe how great it is. Commiserate that she’s been waiting a long time. Then tell her she’s not allowed to have any of the sweet tannens and rich flavours if she names the child Maddie.

Here are my pitches for Nate’s sister that feel right and aren’t frilly.     

It’s not Italian per se, but long after the shine has gone out of Community I’m still into Britta. It sounds unusual, but it’s easy to say, and it’s cute and it reminds me of Nora, in its clippedness and stylishness. Sloane comes off as too cutesy-trendy by half, but what about Simone? I know the official Italian version is Simona but either works, and I think it’s eminently Supreme Court Justiceable. Are you into it?

I am flirting with suggesting Luna, even though I know in my gut it’s too froofy and airy for you. So instead, how about Djuna? One of the beautiful indignities of The Comeback, which I’m devouring again right now, is that they just say “Juna”, which is an adaptation that I don’t agree with, but Djuna, and yeah, you have to get up close and personal with messing those two consonants together, is lovely and fresh.

Too out there? How about Fiona? Too safe? What about Nova? (God, this is gorgeous. Someone please use Nova.) Too earthy? How about Camille? Have we gone away from Nora a bit? How about Portia?

I feel like we’re triangulating some great names here, and hope there are viable alternatives to Maddie and Abby. Let me know if you buy her a Pinot Noir or a Syrah or what!


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