Gwyneth Paltrow arrived at LAX from London yesterday in maybe my favourite outfit of the week. And that’s a 10 hr flight! But it’s this blazer. And the perfect wash and fit of her jeans. And how effortless it is for her, at 5 ft 10, to stroll off a plane looking, you know, like she hasn’t really thought about it and, of course, totally perfect. That’s the difference between my G and Victoria Beckham. Gwyneth Paltrow whips out a compact, puts her finger on some lipgloss, and smirks behind her sunglasses at Victoria Beckham in the toilet, trying to steady herself during the turbulence, angling this way and that to get the tight dress over her head, on her tiptoes so as to not have to touch her bare feet too long to the gross bathroom floor, desperately needing a full-length mirror to check for imaginary bulges, and worrying about not being able to properly even out her blush in the sh-tty light and mirror.

Oh, and I’ll get my own bags.

So what’s on Gwyneth’s schedule? Well, Coldplay plays the last of 3 shows at The Hollywood Bowl tomorrow night. That’s a big possibility. And Iron Man is scheduled to start shooting in the next few weeks. I imagine there must be some preparation. Also Cameron Diaz needs a pep talk.