If you hate her, oh and I know you do, these pictures will give you a lot of joy. Because… well… look at Gwyneth Paltrow in this fleshy pink jumpsuit continuing to promote Mortdecai on her own (thanks, Johnny Depp), on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It only works well in one angle, and that comes later, when she’s singing with Jimmy and turns to the side. And even then, it’s only just OK. The rest of the time…

It sits terribly during the interview and when she’s standing and you’re looking at her straight on, holy f-ck, I’m getting a case of Porny at the chilli cook off:


Is that… is that… is that G’s Spanx line? Right across both her thighs?

Anyway, the only part of the interview I’ve seen is when she talks about sneaking out as a teenager. G and her friends used to stay out late and hang on the steps of the MET, smoking and watching the boys skateboard. How very Gossip Girl. Then she and Jimmy perform hip hop songs Broadway styles. And what’s interesting about that is that Anne Hathaway did it last year. Both women inspire a lot of… woman hate. And they share a publicist. And, coincidentally, they both wore jumpsuits for this bit. Only I think Annie did it better.

Compare and contrast below.

And because I CANNOT stop with that interview with Howard Stern…

Here’s the clip of her talking about Chris Martin yesterday, how they met just after her father died. Her best friend dragged her to the Coldplay concert and they hung out backstage.

“Just tell me to shut the f-ck up!”

Just admit she’s not a boring interview. Sure, Howard created a pretty comfortable environment for her, but in that comfort, she was pretty candid. And entertaining. She gave us the goods. She gave up the gossip.