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Flooded this morning with your emails about today’s GOOP and the presence of Kate Bosworth – what?

Click here to see the newsletter in service of Meat Free Monday, a campaign supported by Paul McCartney whose thorough explanation of the Meat Free Monday initiative is the main post this week.

As you know, Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney are tight. OF COURSE she had to feature the McCartney Family’s project. Of course she did. But she had to swallow some sh-t in the process. You will note – Kate Bosworth is in the photo, that starving desperate homewrecking hag who called herself a friend of the GOOPs. And Gwyneth had to include the photo. Does this mean the cheating allegations, Chris Martin kissing Kate Bosworth at a U2 concert in October, does this mean it was all just a tabloid fraud? That nothing happened?


You must consider the dates.

The official launch event for Meat Free Monday when this photo was taken was on June 15, 2009 FOUR MONTHS BEFORE the infidelity report broke. You can see more of the photos here. If this photo had been taken 2 weeks ago, sure, I’d be all doubty about it too. But it’s over 6 months old. And it happens to be the group shot promoting Meat Free Monday wants to use. Which means editorially Gwyneth had no choice. It’s not like she could crop it. Kate was in, like, every image trying to make herself relevant. And G had to please McCartney. She chose to please McCartney over satisfying her own grudge.

But she was raised for this. She was born to it. She was taught to consider the bigger picture, to consider associations, to nurture connections for future favours and long term benefits before hasty emotional decisions, to always save face, to never let them see you hurting.

It stings, yes, but she made her decision. They are moving ahead. They are buying more houses and mashing them all together. They are perfect on the outside.

Oh and by the way? While Chris Martin announced that he’d be suing, legal action still has not actually been taken against Star Magazine for the cheating story.

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