I promise you...you will love this.

Gwyneth Paltrow is now the face of Scandinavian fashion chain Lindex. There’s an ad campaign. And a video. OMG.

But she does look amazing in the clothes. I mean, these are clothes that are 100% suited to her - the stripes, the blazers, the upper crust uniform worn so naturally, and irritatingly so, by those from the “right” families...

And then she starts talking.

“Sexy cool or easy chic? What am I? I’m both.”

And in that voice. You know that voice.

YOU ARE PUNCHING YOURSELF IN THE FACE NOW! (I know Duana is. Like, major anger.)

Meanwhile, I am filled with joy.

Oh, hate away, haters. It’s what you need on a Tuesday afternoon.

Click here to shop at Lindex.

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PS. Reese Witherspoon was selling Lindex last year.

(Thanks Julia!)