Her face, it’s looking more and more like one, non?

It doesn’t help that the lighting on that carpet was harsh which actually happens more often than you think. Sometimes the venue is just sh-t for light. And they don’t plan ahead to bring extra gear, or a screen, or something to soften it up. Dylan was the one who pointed this out to me a long time ago. We shoot a lot of carpets together and he’s always there trying to help, asking the publicists and those important people on headsets if they can possibly fix the lighting situation. Like, we WANT to make your talent look their best. They spend hours in makeup, and it’s pointless because if the light is bad, no amount of blush can fix it.

So no, Gwyneth wasn’t getting any assistance there last night at the Bent on Learning Benefit in New York. Still, it doesn’t explain entirely why her face is so... Valentino? If this doesn’t mean anything to you, google “Valentino’s face”. That should work.

G was honoured at the event for her “contributions to yoga community”. People always associate her yoga-ness with her macriobiotic dieting though. And they make fun of it. Not sure if that helps or hurts.

As for Gwyneth’s husband Chris Martin – on Saturday he and Coldplay performed in the Netherlands at the Pinkpop Festival. He looks really hot right now with his hair like that, doesn’t he? I’m thinking it might be time though for the band to quit with the shredded paper release during their shows. I’ve been to several of them, and they always come with the shredded paper release.

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall...

You like it?

Photos from Wenn.com and Bauergriffinonline.com and Janet Mayer/Splashnewsonline.com and Andrew H. Walker/Gettyimages.com