Take a look at this photo of Gwyneth Paltrow shaking hands with Justin Timberlake at the amfAR Gala to honour Tom Ford. She hosted. Someone emailed me earlier today analysing the body language of this image. Like G was bowing down to JT. With all due respect…

That’s not G bowing down to JT.

But you have to know G, to have studied her for years, to be able to read what exactly is going on here. It is indeed a tribute, only in the other direction: JT is offering his respect TO Gwyneth. And Gwyneth, with her lowered head to the side, her shoulders forward, is “humbly” accepting it. This is her way of being shy and embarrassed. But not really. “No, no, don’t, I couldn’t possibly, thank you, please, it’s nothing, it’s nothing.”

Don’t you remember when Brad Pitt called her his angel at the Golden Globes all those years ago? Skip to 2:10 if you can’t watch the whole thing:

See that expression? That’s her move. That’s where she lives – while being adored. And she was in very friendly company last night. Tom Ford, obviously, loves her. He put her in a white caped dress for the ages at the Oscars a couple of years ago, remember? Click here for a refresher. Rihanna’s kissing and hugging her too. And the man she’s sitting next to at dinner, to me that looks like the powerful Bryan Lourd, right?

All this as British Airways made her the face of London to Singapore on this big ass new plane (click here to see) and with the news that her estranged husband is no longer seeing Jennifer Lawrence, the head cheerleader of Young Hollywood.

It’s been a very good week.