There’s a new GOOP newsletter today. It’s about how moms are so busy and so busy being moms. And she asks her important mom friends to talk about being busy being moms. Like Stella McCartney. Also some other woman. All three of them giving us a journal entry about what it was like being a busy mom on November 4th. I read through Gwyneth’s and here’s what her day basically boils down to, minus all the fluffy mom writing:

  • drive kids to school
  • work out
  • try on clothes
  • talk on the phone
  • check email
  • spend time with children
  • go out with girlfriends.
  • go to bed

This, apparently, is rather taxing. Oh yeah, and it’s called “A Day in the Life”. And that’s totally OK because Stella McCartney is her friend. I don’t get angry with G very often. Because I like it when she’s an asshole. But the song title association was too much, even for me.

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Been receiving a lot of mail this week asking if I’ve been yet to see Country Strong. I haven’t. I’ve been busy as a not-mom. And I travel on Saturday, leaving home for two weeks, so there’s some sh-t to get done. Having said that, I do appreciate your feedback, and have taken great interest in reading your reviews – some of you really enjoyed the film, most of you seemed to enjoy Garrett Hedlund (that’s reassuring), and a lot of you straight up hated the entire exercise.

My GP tolerance is higher than most. So I actually didn’t think I’d have too much of a problem when I do actually get around to seeing it. But then my friend Michelle emailed this morning. Those of you reading the site for a while may remember Michelle from our liveblogs and Gossip Girl chats. Michelle knows what makes me crazy. Michelle knows I have a very, very hard time with fontrum. And – SPOILERS AHEAD – she, like any good friend, wanted to warn me about a scene in Country Strong:

“There is an embarrassing subplot in Country Strong about an injured baby bird G's character finds in the wood in rehab. She has it in a box and is caring for it and Tim McGraw's character takes it from her and says he'll take care of it. I saw the movie with S and we looked at each other and laughed. Like really we GET it. G's character is in a figurative box and T's character feeds and protects her. He then proceeds to take this box with the bird everywhere. To the bar to see potential opening acts etc, but no one addresses the box. And of course he eventually gives the bird back to G, and I think you can guess what happens... Like how did G willingly participate in this movie?!”

See? I cringed reading this. I half covered my face and grimaced. It’s gross. It’s not even Grade 9 creative writing. And now I know. I know how badly I will suffer. If and when I eventually go.

But bless her for promoting it so gamely. I mean, she is trying to sell the sh-t out of sh-t. On Saturday night she’ll be doing it on SNL. But… we may be in for a disaster. Gwyneth has never been horrible on SNL but this week, there was a delay. The weather. She couldn’t get there in time to shoot the promo.

I wonder then how much time they had to put some solid sketches together, especially since they can barely manage solid when they have a host who arrives on schedule. If you do nothing else today though, I recommend you watch her monologue from back in the day. When she wore leather pants and spoke in an English accent and Ben Affleck came for a cameo and – woah! – look at Tina Fey. Ok, now you really have to watch because of Tina Fey.

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