US Weekly’s exclusive headline reads:

Gwyneth Paltrow Not Mad About Chris Martin Dating Jennifer Lawrence, Thinks "He Could Do Worse"

He could totally do worse. She, on the other hand, could do better. Have you listened to a Coldplay song lately?

So G is trying to convince you that she’s totally not bitter about her ex-husband hooking up with a younger, more successful, more modern version of herself. A “pal” told US that:

"Her take is, 'Hey, he could do worse’. She just wants him to be happy."

Is that hard to believe? That she’s super chill about the whole situation? After all, she and Chris have still been so close since the split. They spend time together, they live close to each other, they support each other. In other words, she’s not petty. She’s magnanimous. She is as enlightened and elegant in divorce as you expect. That’s her play here, non? Because otherwise, her deal would look just like LeAnn Rimes. You think that could be a motivating factor? There’s class difference, even in divorce.

PS. When’s he doing his ALS Ice Bucket? And will he be nominating Jennifer Lawrence?

Attached – Martin arriving in New York yesterday.