Hugo Boss is launching a new fragrance for women: Boss Nuit Pour Femme. And the face of Boss Nuit?

Gwyneth Paltrow

G told WWD that:

"To me, the Boss woman is driven, ambitious and goes after what she wants but she balances being strong and very feminine at the same time - characteristics that I strive towards in my own life." 

G will be featured in print and television ads to promote the scent starting in August. This promotional photo was released yesterday. Boss Nuit was inspired by "the elegance and sensuality of the little black dress."

Little black dress?

G wears black dresses, sure. But not like Jennifer Aniston. If there’s anyone who IS the Little Black Dress, it’s Jennifer Aniston. Why not Jennifer Aniston? Oh right. She has her own fragrance which... where do you buy? I’ve never seen. Maybe she should have held out for Boss. As always, Gwyneth ends up benefitting.

So G now sells for Coach, Baume & Mercier, Hugo Boss, Lindex (Scandinavian fashion chain), and frozen vegetables in Europe (Spar). House GOOP keeps growing. Um...sorry?