My GOOPster’s latest newsletter has arrived! Thanks to all of you for forwarding it. I’m still not a member. And this week is a perfect example of why not.

GOOPy is all about the domestics and self help.


Like it’s not enough that she’s pontificating endlessly these days about the best cheese grater on the market, now it’s chicken soup for the GOOPy soul:

Love yourself, listen to your inner voice, embrace change, confront your fears, channel the energy of your spirit and it will change your life….

Oh f&ck off!

Anyway, Gwyneth pulls out her profundity drum and beats on it hard with what she thinks is perplexing question. Then she recruits some famous enlightened people for their answers.

I stopped reading after her introduction, but if you’re interested, I’ve attached a couple for your spiritual pleasure. Let me know when it makes you a better person.

What can we expect next?

Tuna f&cking sandwiches.

Can’t wait.

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