Gwyneth Paltrow is on Twitter. Officially. It happened an hour ago. This is her account: And she posted this video:

Gwyneth Paltrow on WhoSay

You’ll note, it’s one of those “WhoSay” things. Like James Franco, when he was on Twitter, everything he posted linked back to WhoSay. Always a redirect. If you don’t use Twitter, just know it’s not the kind of setup where you need to be sent elsewhere to be able to post on it. So this WhoSay situation? It’s not an accident. It’s an investment. TRUST.

The whole point of what she WAS was that she never had to Try. In other words, not only is Gwyneth coming down to the masses, she’s also still getting down with the profit. I mean, at this point, and I shudder to ask it, I feel actual pain even writing it, what’s the difference between Gwyneth Paltrow and Bethany Frankel?

They’ve become the same.

Maybe G gets a few more invitations but with the cooking sh-t and the “celebrity entrepreneurial” angle, it’s not far apart at all. Only Bethany, in this regard, is probably more successful.

Why are you hurting me like this???

The daydreamer in me wants to believe she’ll be an amazing tweeter like Kanye used to be dropping sh-t like:

Apple had lunch with Sarkozy today and didn’t have to speak a word of English.



Karl Lagerfeld just left my house and all he did when he was here was sketch me.


THIS would make it worth it, right?

But she won’t. She won’t because she hasn’t lived up to that amazingness in a long time.

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