Is it raining where you are? It's raining where I am. And cold.

Do you hate Gwyneth Paltrow? I don't. Never ever ever. But many of you do. So if your day has been sh-t and you love to sh-t on G, this might lift your spirits.

G went out for dinner with friends in Bel Air last night. She looked glum. And it's not hard to Photo Assumption the reason. You know the narrative -- Chris Martin is happy to be free of the nagging hag! The hag is miserable because her husband left her.

In other G news, it was confirmed today that she won't be at the MET Gala on Monday even though she was invited. Siobhan just sent me an anxious note about this earlier.  Why isn't Gwyneth taking the opportunity to show up, look amazing, be amazing, and answer back? Is this a strategic error?

I don't think it's a strategic error, not at all. In fact, if there was any year to skip the MET Gala, it would be this one, and besides, G doesn't always go to the MET Gala. She's actually kinda selective about when she decides to go, so as to not seem desperate about scheduling it on her calendar every May. Like, I dunno, Christina Ricci.

As for why abstain now...

The MET Gala, as you know, is Anna Wintour's party. Anna Wintour. Who put Kanye West and his fiancee on the cover of VOGUE, thereby putting her magazine on discount. So... I'm ok with G not going in 2014. Let her wait out the stink of Anna's decision. She's in no rush to get back out there. Better to wait and be sure about the perfect moment. With the perfect date.