Remember a couple of months ago, Gwyneth sighed about the busy-ness of her mom life on GOOP and gave us a journal entry from one of her “more manic days” in November which consisted of driving her kids to school, working out, trying on clothes, talking on the phone with business associates, putting her kids to bed, and going off for a night with the girls? It was one of my favourite GOOPs ever. She was oblivious to realness. It was so obvious that she truly believed that was a crazy schedule. And she was vilified for it. Click here for a refresher.

Here’s Gwyneth yesterday morning looking a little tired, perhaps from the evening before, when she hooked up for dinner with Stella McCartney. Will we get Another Day in the Life? Part 2? She picks up some coffee. She talks to some record labels. She reads a Glee script or two, practises guitar and warms up her voice. Then a 3 hour session at the gym. Followed by a photo shoot. Something along those lines? One can hope.

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