Last year around this time, my Gwyneth started rocking every Iron Man red carpet in 6 inch crazy heels. Soon after they started selling out everywhere. She’s since been credited with making them the Must.

GOOPy has a shoe thing.

Today in London, wearing a black trench and bare legs, G stepped out in a brand new pair of nude gladiator booties with … a built-in sock? Definitely not for the MiniVan, hell no.

I know. You hate her. And you hate them. You would never wear them.

But this is not the point.

They would wear them, those fashion people. And she would tell you over tea, politely, that their opinion matters more than yours.

F-ck you Fishy! Is that what you’re saying? It’s probably what Michael K over at Dlisted will be saying. Just like you, he loves to hate her so much. He is hilarious when he’s hating on her. Yesterday he hated on her, quite rightly, for misspelling the names of Seth Rogen and Sofia Coppola.

Oh Gwyneth – bad form. We ought to know the proper spelling of people’s names. Tut tutty tut.

But the good news? The good news is that celebrities are very good at forgiving themselves – have you noticed? You and I, we beat ourselves up over our mistakes all the time. Them? They are all about the Oprah talk:

Allow yourself to forgive yourself.

Gwyneth has already forgiven herself for the poorly executed newsletter. She has more important things to do. Like help people cook generic dishes with overpriced ingredients.

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