Today’s GOOP is about GOOP gifts. Gwyneth’s holiday recommendations. Really? Do we really need fancy recipe cards? I’m sorry. I judge too much. And maybe unfairly.

Anyway, the best part of the newsletter is Gwyneth’s monogrammed Louis Vuitton suitcase. Obviously. She even includes a photo.

Gwyneth. Paltrow. Martin.

You know, for the frequent traveller in your life. If you can drop a $3,000 on something that gets dragged around the world, through rain and dust and dirt and touched by faceless baggage handler strangers.

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In other G news, she gave an exclusive interview to Hello! Canada on stands now and it’s full of classic Gwyneth. You’ll enjoy this:

Hello!: So, Gwyneth, you’re the girl who has it all – the husband, the kids, the career
Gwyneth: … Am I? Aren’t I annoying! I think that what gives me strength is my family. They keep everything in perspective and they make me feel very grateful, which is how I stay with my feet on the ground. I know how lucky I am to have them and I don’t take it for granted. They give me strength to get
through everything.

I really love how they keep trying to get her to talk about Chris. And she keeps calling him “her husband”. She never EVER says his name. It’s like protective voodoo or something.

Hello!: Who sings the most in your house?
Gwyneth: Probably Moses. He’s humming and singing all day long. Not my husband’s songs – he’s more
into T-Pain, or he’ll just sing whatever song he hears on the radio. Super-poppy music.

Ok but the idea of her kid running around their house offering to Buy U A Drank is FUNNY. I want to see that kid say Shawty Snappin’.

Of course this is all in service of Country Strong in which Gwyneth plays a recovering addict country star trying to get her sh-t right. How did she prepare for the role? Did she consult her musician husband? She dismisses that idea. Instead, she called up Faith Hill and Beyonce. Oh, is that all?


She also researched addiction with Robert Downey Jr. I mean, it’s as simple as going down the list in her Blackberry contacts you know?

Hello!: Your character is an alcoholic. Did you study addiction too?
Gwyneth: I asked (Iron Man co-star) Robert Downey Jr. a lot of questions because there were some things that I just did not understand. Like, how do you behave so badly one night – and not just embarrass yourself, but wreck peoples’ lives – and then wake up in the morning and be like: “Hi!” I don’t get it. So he would write me e-mails about what addiction is and how it was (for him). He was very articulate about it and he helped me a lot.

Oh but what about her most famous friend? What about Madonna? It’s been months since they’ve been together. And rumours persist that the two broke up.

Hello!: Are you still friends with Madonna?
Gwyneth: Of course I am. We don’t see as much of each other as we used to because she lives in New York and I live in London, but when we do get together it’s exactly the same as it’s always been. We’ve been friends for a long, long time.

You buy that?

By the way, Cory Monteith told people at the Gemini Awards last weekend in Toronto that my G was the nicest to work with and that she bought him a Bluetooth because she didn’t want him to get cancer. Everybody loves her, see? (thanks Jonathan!)

There’s more in Hello! Canada including how it is when “her husband” is writing songs and what her daughter’s like with her clothes. Also, the cover is Prince William and Kate Middleton so, you know, you have to buy.