So it was Gwyneth Paltrow’s turn to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday. And this is exactly what I mean about those on the top tier participating – because it’s their return nominations that continue to make it interesting. The Zac Efrons and the Ashley Bensons of the world can keep going around in their own circles all they want. But the circle that’s most intriguing is the one that exists on the upper levels.

G nominated Chris Martin, Cameron Diaz, and Stella McCartney.

Chris Martin?

Even though we just found out a week ago that he’s now dating Jennifer Lawrence, she wants you to know that she’s all good with it. Because…well… look at her in a bikini. As long as she can still stand there on camera being totally fine in a bikini, why wouldn’t she be good with it? 

I see what you did there, G. And now we wait for Stella McCartney. Who just worked with Angelina Jolie on a line of Maleficent clothing. Do it, Stella. DO it.