Big fuss was made the other day when the New York Times reported that Gwyneth Paltrow used a ghostwriter for her cookbook.


How many people actually believed that Gwyneth Paltrow squeezed in time to write her own book between hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z, exercising for several hours a day, singing all the time on Glee, and pleading over text with Cameron Diaz to come off the crazy ledge after getting rejected by Alex Rodriguez?

Still, my G insists that it was indeed all her.

Click here to read the original NY Times article. You’ll note that Julia Turshen, the ghostwriter in question, didn’t actually confirm she was the ghostwriter in her interview; she was just identified as such under the caption of Gwyneth’s book cover. Gwyneth then tweeted that the NY Times is wrong and that she was responsible for every word. The NY Times insists that its article doesn’t need correction.

Click here for a good read on the controversy, the most boring controversy ever. Because, really, everyone knows that the only thing G’s book is good for is the namechecking. Oh yeah, and the pictures too.  

My friend Darren gave me a copy and redesigned the front and back flaps for my birthday. I’ve attached them below. Please also check out the dedication page. Stella McCartney is mentioned, and the “Carters”, Beyonce & Jay-Z, and the Spielbergs, some European royalty, Robert Downey Jr, and Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Um, no ghostwriter required there.

And then there’s a full page, two actually, if you include the photo, of G with Julia Turshen, her “ghostwriter”, where she pretty much calls her the best personal assistant ever. Come on, now. Gwyneth Paltrow was raised to appreciate her staff. I mean, if it’s one thing they teach you at high class up your ass school, that would be it, you know?

Anyway, in this week’s GOOP, Gwyneth sells you the magic of “Bee Venom”. Click here for more.

Attached - G out for dinner last night in London.