Does Gwyneth cook on holiday?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 11, 2011 14:03:43 July 11, 2011 14:03:43

Spielberg's yacht is huge. They must have a chef. Who cooks to Gwyneth's specifications? Gwyneth has been on holiday in Italy with her Uncle Morty, her brother, and her children. Chris Martin is performing on the festival circuit with Coldplay.

The body, as you can see, is showcased in several bikinis, very very fit. And, I think, it looks healthy. She looks strong. Needless to say, G doesn't take very many days off. She made use of a treadmill on board. Power walk? Apparently Tracy Anderson doesn't believe in running. She says it adds bulk.

After some time on the boat and in the water, G also went into town to do some shopping. LOVE her dress so much. And Apple! I think we are fighting about Apple. Because Apple to me is going to be beautiful. In a freakish, inaccessible, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley model way. We'll have to wait another 10 years to find out, but that's how I'm calling it. Ok. Now you have something to say. Let's hear it. I can't wait to read your emails.

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