Not Coldplay. Of course not.

Who was the most highly anticipated performance last night? The one expected to sweep every category for which she was nominated? The one making a triumphant return to music’s biggest night after throat surgery threatened her career? The one we were waiting for all week?

And it was Gwyneth Paltrow who was given the honour of introducing Adele at the Grammys.

Gwyneth Paltrow also introduced Radiohead a couple years ago.

She gets the big names.

She gets the biggest names.

How hard are you seething right now?

Come on. It’s Gwyneth. She sang Adele on Glee. This, in her mind, gives her licence.

Besides, please, don’t you know? Everyone knows. Everyone knows Gwyneth. Including Rihanna. She posted this photo on her Twitter during the show, as if you to remind you that she was backstage, hanging out with the best people. Twinsies with Rihanna!

To be honest, I thought she was rather sweet in presenting Adele. She seemed genuinely excited about Adele’s talent, about what Adele was about to give us. There is a long list of annoying Gwyneth moments. I wouldn’t say that her appearance last night makes the top 10.

As for her dress - overall G looked great; I quite liked what she was wearing BUT for the pantyhose panels on the sides. If you’re going to make that happen, why pussy out and add that into the construction?