Gwyneth Paltrow was in Spain for a day to promote Boss Nuit for Hugo Boss. She wore black leather at a photo call and then orange/red on the variety show El Hormiguero. Am underwhelmed by both outfits, particularly the bright dress although the shoes she has on with it are pretty badass in how they somehow found a way to class up Shauna Sand. But the GOOP she is tall, non? Look at her towering over that host.

As you can see, G was all about all her skills on El Hormiguero. She played guitar, she cooked, she spoke Spanish, and she told the fairy tale story of her life... in Spanish. Gwyneth never turns down an opportunity to talk to you in Spanish.

Gwyneth even tweets in Spanish! And apparently she’ll be performing her next role in Spanish too. G’s Spanish fluency is one of the reasons she was cast as Dora Maar opposite Antonio Banderas’s Picasso in the upcoming 33 Dias, recounting the artist’s experience while working on Guernica. Dora has an apple on her cheek here. I can’t wait to hear G make the connection between Picassa’s apple and her own.