The latest GOOP newsletter features Los Angeles food trucks – and Gwyneth Paltrow eating at them. Like a burger.

Well that’s convenient. Because Chris Martin just revealed that he’s no longer vegetarian. And everyone took that to mean that his dietary restrictions have been lifted because he consciously uncoupled from his food dictator of a bitch ass wife.

It would appear however that, at least for one day, G ate from a vehicle parked on the side of the road. That’s her version of slumming, I guess?

God I love food trucks. And in my experience, the best place for food trucks is Portland, Oregon. That’s where G should have gone if she really wanted to get real with food trucks.

Speaking of slumming it, G also, in a separate newsletter about her July 4th Book Club, went to Costco. Like she even had her picture taken there:

G seemed surprised to find out that coconut water is cheaper at Costco. And…

She highlighted the Brange rosé. I mean she didn’t name them, but there it is, that bottle, an award-winner, simply referred to like so:

Come on. She had to have known. Of course she knows.

Click here to see more from G’s trip to Costco (scroll down). Click here for her food truck adventure.

What do you think of the fact that she included her kids in the group shot but didn’t name them like that’s somehow more anonymous?