There was a party for Gwyneth Paltrow’s 40th birthday in London earlier this week. Stella McCartney, Hugh Grant, and some other British personalities were there. G celebrated her birthday proper in Portofino the week before with close family and friends. Now she’s in New York to celebrate some more but also to help promote the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project. As you know, G and Tracy are partners in the fitness business. After having a baby recently, Tracy’s now getting in on the Mom Boom, trying to convince non-celebrities moms that they too can look like GOOP, if you send her a check for $49.95. Is that all? And you’ll come out the other side more Christy Turlington than Kirstie Alley?

I’d try anything to look like Christy Turlington because OH MY GOD she’s exquisite and I love the way she’s wearing this pantsuit but my body’s just not built that way, and I wish I figured that out earlier than I did.

As for Anderson herself, you know, as much as she’s Gwyneth’s guru in exercise, I’m not sure Gwyneth is returning the favour when it comes to style. What are those shoes? And why is Tracy wearing them with that dress? I’m tempted to think that G dropped the friend ball on this one. But what likely happened is that there were several to choose from and G recommended these which… can you imagine how sh-t the rest of them were?