Someone like Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t pick a dress like this thinking it’s the most beautiful thing ever. She didn’t see it delivered from her stylist and actually believe everyone on the blogs - you, me, the haters, the MiniVan fashion conservatives who actually think Jennifer Aniston’s a style icon – would lose their sh-t over the beauty of her choice.

Of course not.

Gwyneth’s sartorial decisions tend to lean towards the esoteric. She doesn’t want you to get it. Because if you get it, it means what she has is gettable. And Gwyneth would rather be ugly than be common. Trust.

There’s also something else at play though.

Gwyneth is trying to sell a movie called Two Lovers which has generated no interest and has been hampered by a leading man, Joaquin Phoenix, who has ostensibly lost his mind. Two Lovers has already screened in Cannes and in London and no one cares.

So this is Gwyneth in Paris tonight, doing her best to promote her fledgling film, wearing a dress that will land her on every blog tomorrow…BECAUSE no one will like it. I worship her and I don’t even like it.

But I do admire the risk… only it’s too bad she half assed it.

The bra and panties have to go. And if you can’t do it without the bra and panties, then you shouldn’t be doing it at all, non?

Am all over the white slash on those booties. How many booties does she own?

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