Gwyneth Paltrow was honoured last night at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Tribute. Every woman who was recognised had a special person present to them. For Kate Hudson it was mom Goldie Hawn. For Diane Kruger it was Quentin Tarantino. For Hilary Swank it was Sam Rockwell. For my G it was Jakey G.


Everyone loves my G.

Jakey loves my G.

G and Jakey worked together on Proof. Did you see Proof? Proof was a decent movie. Not an exceptional movie but a decent movie. Needless to say, Jake and Gwyneth must still be tight. He even works out at the Tracy Anderson studio. So he stood up for G last night and, well, you know how he is in public, in interviews, how cute and goofy and spontaneously adorable he is. He probably gave her the most charming introduction of the night.

Does that burn your ass? I know she does that to you.

Well then you can take pleasure in the fact that she looked like an orange blob. The dress doesn’t fit her very well, it’s a poor choice, the best part of it is the back and I’m not sure that’s worth sacrificing the front for, and the lighting wasn’t great either. In combination, it wasn’t my Gwyneth’s most flattering night. Apart from the shoes.

Jakey on the other hand, goddamn, Jakey in a suit and open at the neck and the twinkle in his eye and I was just telling Sarah last night over bbm, I honestly don’t know how I will sit through Love & Other Drugs. I don’t know if I can make it. Without becoming a complete mess. Because I bet his love scenes with Anne Hathaway will be so much better than this one. And this one was just ok. Still... two and a half minutes well spent. Be careful if you have to get sh-t done today.

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