GOOP received her star on the Walk of Fame today. Totally masturbatory exercise, obviously, in time to support Country Strong. Which is why Tim McGraw and Shana Feste were there, her co-star and director, and also Faith Hill, and Matthew Morrison too, just to remind you that she sang on Glee. By the way, it was confirmed today that she’d be back on the show for a second appearance...and I don’t know why that’s news because it was always supposed to be 2 episodes, non?

Country Strong promotion is also why G dressed herself from Taylor Swift’s closet.

It’s white and it’s lace and it’s happening around her neck and sweet Lord Jesus, Gwyneth’s Country Strong style phase (but for the shoes) is killing me. She looks like sh-t in the face, too. Where did G’s glow go?

Will it be restored tomorrow?

The HFPA loves her. And because there are two lead acting categories – for drama and musical/comedy – Gwyneth’s name could very well be called when the nominations are read out on Tuesday morning by Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, and Blair Underwood. And if she wears a Swifty dress to the Golden Globes, I might have to break up with her forever.

PS. OK so we all know that the Walk of Fame thing is a giant jerk off, totally. Some people however would consider it an honour to have their name installed on the boulevard in perpetuity. The fact that Gwyneth has no family there – no ma, no husband, kids, brother, Steven Spielberg – tells you what she really thinks of it. Rather pedestrian, appropriately. The official excuse though is that she keeps public and private separate. Sure.

Photos from GABRIEL BOUYS/Jason Merritt/