Gwyneth Paltrow showed up for her friend Mario Batali at a dinner in New York the other night. Vanity Fair was one of the media outlets invited to cover it. Have you listened to this week’s episode of the Sasha Answers podcast yet? We begin with Sasha’s Gwyneth Paltrow experience. Sasha wasn’t living for G before she met G. After meeting G, she was basically brainwashed. That’s what happens. You can see it happening. You try to resist. But you can’t help yourself. And this is also what went down with the Vanity Fair reporter. It’s a fawning piece.

There’s also gossip though. Provided to us by G herself. The writer recalls G’s remarks at the event:

First Batali described, in vivid detail, the meal about to be served (which included a tricolore appetizer, and a choice of halibut and beef short rib for the entrée), before ceding the stage to Paltrow. “So now that we all want to have sex with our food, based on [Batali’s] description . . .” Paltrow began, and it was possible to imagine, as the crowd all chuckled, that we were inside her palatial, pristine foyer, at her home in Los Angeles, that she was about to walk around and pour us all glasses of sparkling rosé (or watch, approvingly, as someone else did). She went on to note that she and Batali had been friends for 18 years. “He was just teasing me about every boyfriend I brought to [Batali’s restaurant] Babbo over the years. He liked Brad Pitt, if you want to know. Didn’t like Ben Affleck that much.” Batali chimed in at this point with a joke about babysitters, to which Paltrow chastised, lovingly, “Shut the f-ck up.”


Babysitters. Nannies. Chrissy O!

Celebrities claim to hate tabloid culture and gossip. But… um… celebrities GOSSIP THE MOST. About other celebrities! Ahem, Jennifer Aniston.