UK tabloids are reporting that Gwyneth Paltrow was to attend a party in London that cost over 60K pounds after the premiere of Iron Man but bailed at the last minute leaving studio executive furious especially since she supposedly made several special requests including expensive champagne and cocktails but didn’t bother to show in the end. Apparently her in laws were left waiting for her there too.

According to the Daily Mail, Gwyneth did not want to be photographed alongside husband Chris Martin so instead the two went out for a private dinner with Robert Downey Jr and his wife after first heading home to tuck in her children.

Her publicist however denies the claim, explaining that Gwyneth had never confirmed her attendance:

"She was at the taping of the Jonathan Ross show which ran late and then she went home to be with her children. Everyone was told weeks ago that she would not be attending. “

Am inclined to believe her. Not because I am her superfan but because the tabloids simply don’t know sh*t when they’re making up stories about Gwyneth Paltrow. At least make them realistic, you know?

Bailing on a party is bad form. Would Gwynnie show bad form?


Why would the intolerable Gwyneth Paltrow turn away the opportunity to bore a preening audience with details of her devoted mothering? If she could have, she would have totally been there, waxing ad nauseum about how, despite the exhaustion resulting from a multi-city European press tour, she still managed to rush home, tuck in her kids, and make it back out to support her project. She would have drawled away in her upper crust nasal voice describing Moses’s musical inclinations – he’s probably already composing opuses at the tender age of 2 – and she would have topped off her appearance with an off the cuff remark about Apple. That her daughter, 4 years old, prefers flax seed to french fries.

Now THAT is a plausible make-a-story about my Gwynnie.