Have you seen the new look at GOOP? Click here. Does this mean she’s doing away with the personalised letter?

Yet another victory for Gwyneth Paltrow this week. You’ve heard the Meryl Streep story, right? Meryl was on Kelly & Michael yesterday talking about Thanksgiving. Apparently her sh-tty oven ruined the turkey. So, since she and G live in the same NYC apartment building, she emailed G to borrow her oven. G told the doorman to let Meryl in. And G’s oven saved Meryl’s holiday.

Meryl went on about G’s glorious oven. Of course she has a glorious oven. But Meryl also revealed that her daughters fought over who got to accompany her to G’s to borrow the oven. Apparently one of her daughters – she wouldn’t say who – was “DYING” to get in there.


Even celebrities want to snoop on GOOP. Because G is so intriguing/polarising and, come on admit it, aspirational, that she’s a source of curiosity even among her own kind: famous, privileged, connected.

Does it bite your ass that Meryl Streep, the one we all love, considers G a friend? Bet you it bites Martha Stewart’s ass even more.