As evidenced by her namechecking Brad Pitt in Vogue recently – click here for a refresher - Gwyneth is hustling hard for Country Strong. In service of that effort, she’s also referencing Ben Affleck.

Here’s something else that G gets to lord over everyone: she always get them at their peak. When Gwyneth loved Ben, he had just won his Oscar, he could get a meeting with anyone in Hollywood, he and Matt Damon were the outsider golden boys. And she was Miss Oscar then too. It was a heady time. And they walked in and out like they owned the f-cking place. Every f-cking place.

Referring to that period in her life, in an E! special that just aired last night (how did I miss this!?!?), G remarked:

"It was strange to be part of a public couple.”

Please. At the time she loved it.

Needless to say, it couldn’t last. It never does. Theirs was an on/off breakup, and when it was finally permanent, she’d grown tired of his bullsh-t. He in turn took a while to get over her. But we’ll always have the photos. Gossip Nostalgia is my favourite.

PS. Attached – the cover of the Entertainment Weekly Best and Worst of 2010 issue. How did G get such a prime spot? She’s on level with Taylor Swift, Kanye, and James Franco I Went To Film School!?

Photos from and and LUCY NICHOLSON/Brenda Chase/