Of course she does. She’s perfect, didn’t you know? And she speaks Spanish, some Italian, can do a brilliant British accent, is adored by Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Steven Spielberg, and Jay Z, and Madonna, and European royalty…but she’s still tight with her high school friends too.

Is it making you red with hate?

Well it’s about to get worse.

Turns out, Gwyneth Paltrow does not have a personal chef. Instead, she says she’s the one who prepares “all the meals” for her house:

"Breads and pizzas is what I'm cooking (lately) and we all love it. We have a wood burning pizza oven in our garden. Right now the weather is nice in London, so I'm using that oven a lot. You can cook anything in there. It's amazing."

And maybe even tofu pancakes?

"My dad was a famous pancake maker and I'm working on [adapting his] recipe right now. I'm making mine slightly healthier."

Tofu pancakes? Ew!

I can make pancakes. But I can’t make duck. I order duck.

But not even duck is too much for Gwyneth claims her mother Blythe:

"She never gets flustered. She made duck for my birthday last year and she does it all perfectly."

It’s a little too much, even for me.

Check out my bestie last night at the premiere of Spain…on the road again in New York last night. Did you watch?

I didn’t watch.

Because PBS Seattle, the closest to me, isn’t airing it until second week of October. Ugh.

Preview is below.

PS. Duey - you could rock this leather skirt, non?

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com