The other night during the red carpet E! show at the SAGs, Duana wrote about Kyra Sedgwick having to tolerate Giuliana Rancic’s dumbass questions. Like, how often do you work out, and how do you stay in shape, and you and Kevin Bacon have been married so long, what’s the secret to a successful marriage? Click here for a refresher.

Kyra did not want to play. She ended the interview by pointedly saying to camera, “Don’t take marital advice from celebrities.” Or any advice from celebrities.

And Kyra, Kyra can do that. Kyra can actually make that statement. Because Kyra’s work is really her work. I don’t think of Kyra Sedgwick as a brand. I think of her as an actor. I feel confident that most of you would agree.

Gwyneth Paltrow on the other hand...

Gwyneth Paltrow HAS to answer questions about diet and exercise and oranges and apples and granola. Because Gwyneth Paltrow is a Lifestyle now. The Gwyneth Paltrow Lifestyle is sold and bought and traded. Which is why it comes up, of course, in her new interview with Harper’s Bazaar - the detoxing, the breakfast menu, the daily schedule, the working out...

Gwyneth Paltrow can’t talk about the acting anymore. There is no acting to talk about. This is her career now. It’s gluten-free and flax. And also traditional values. So yes, every time you read her in her own words, this is how much of you will react:

Hate her so much, who has the all the time that she does?!

What a privileged f-cking clueless bitch!

Yes, yes, yes.

But also...

It gets really boring.

Can we talk instead about her traditional values and this seemingly constant revisiting of infidelity in her interviews? It’s not the first time she’s talked about cheating, and about how she’s learned not to judge a cheater, implying that cheating doesn’t necessarily have to destroy a relationship.

In this case I do think there might be some honesty here - is Gwyneth disclosing that she and Chris Martin have fallen out and back into love, have come through an experience that tested them, and better for it? Is that why she’s allowed - a little - to address him in interviews now?

Or is this the by-product of what she does for a living now? You can’t sell Lifestyle without talking about Life. Gwyneth’s Life is perfect, naturally. But she seems awfully willing to hint at the dark parts too. What is this all about? I haven’t decided.

I don’t want to excerpt too much of the article because I feel like you’ll miss the flow and the nauseating parts, like how hard the writer’s dick is for her subject and when G drops into yoga moves for no particular reason during their discussion.

There’s also an interesting part in there about the advice she gave to a friend about family and priorities which, I mean, I don’t totally disagree with as it relates to personal choice and what women are afforded in the right to make those choices so no, please don’t expect me to sh-t on her for that, but it’s also worth noting that in her case, the husband’s equivalent of “compromise and choice” ends up being a modified touring schedule that has them away from home for “only” three weeks at a time. The fact that, still, no one really bothers to challenge that acceptance and expectation is what we really should be examining more closely.

Click here to read the full article - I recommend it - and to see more photos. She looks amazing.