I don't know if they actually stock this in the frozen food aisle over in Austria but the packaging looks like frozen food packaging you find in supermarkets in North America.

Check out Gwyneth Paltrow in an ad for, I dunno, salad foods?, that appeared in a newspaper in Vienna, sent in by Kate L. Thanks Kate! Apparently the caption reads:

"I'm not vegetarian, but I love Veggie!"

G of course is not the only celebrity to pimp herself overseas. They all do. And she also reps Coach. But to see her selling lettuce...? It's hilarious, right? And this isn't even a high end commercial, like George Clooney for Nescafe. Or Kidman for Omega. But lettuce!!! In a newspaper!

On a business level, she had to think that, somehow, this would benefit her brand. She's now the Vanna White of vegetables. 

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Omg - there IS a commercial. And it's amaaaaaazing. Sue in PEI just found it. Just about the worst acting we've seen from her.