OMG. Thanks to Mu for sending this. It’s a clip from Country Strong – Gwyneth letting it go on stage with her interpretation of what country moves should look like. Like rodeo grinding and sh-t. And lasso woo girl arms. It’s amazing.

And here’s Chris Martin with Coldplay today at BBC Radio promoting their song Christmas Lights in advance of two “hidden” shows they’re playing this weekend in Liverpool and Newcastle in support of homeless charity Crisis. They’ll be performing with The Choir With No Name which is “comprised of people without a permanent home or who have been recently rehoused”. (Source)

The location of the concerts will not be revealed until the day before, just as it is for those who are homeless, not knowing where they’ll be sleeping the next night. Chris is also on the Oscar longlist for Best Song. It’s called Me and Tennessee, written for, yes, Country Strong. Oscar nominations come in January. We’ll see if he makes the final cut.